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Wish you good time

My career aim is to maintain a challenging position in a progressive company that offers high levels of responsibility with performance criteria for promotion and achieving set goals. 
• I believe I hold decision making. 
• I hold excellent communication skills and I can speak and write clearly, 
• I have a very strong ability to work independently or as part of a team 
• I have a solid ability to encourage other team members to work toward a common goal. 
• I am a very hard working enthusiastic person 
• I enjoy a variety of constant challenges. 
• I welcome high intensity workloads/deadlines and am organised and effective under pressure.

I Have an in depth knowledge of civil engineering principles and theories. Seeking for a challenging position as a Civil Engineer, where I can use my planning, designing and overseeing skills in construction.


Thinkers agreed that it can measure the progress of any nation as far as ownership of skilled engineers in various fields. Engineer is a unique person and can contribute things change the face of the world.

We have an old saying: the world discovers the world around us .. and engineer makes to live in something comfortable and fun.

You are welcome in the world of excellence, creativity and acts .. It's a world of Engineering

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